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The foundation consists of a footing, a concrete base usually 2 times the width of the foundation wall. Your foundation walls are made of reinforced poured concrete. The foundation walls will also serve as your basement walls.
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Owners acting as their own general contractor are considered by Uni-Foundations, Inc. to be the “builder” and will be referred to as such with respect to this document. A builder is responsible for being on ... Read more

Permits and Fees

It is the builders' responsibility to obtain and pay for any and all necessary permits for work to be performed by Uni-Foundations, Inc. A copy of the building permit should be on the job site prior to the start of work.


Uni-Foundations, Inc. provides an estimate at no cost to the builder. In order to do this we need a foundation plan and cross sections delivered to our offices. The estimate is not a quote nor is it guaranteed. Please review the estimate carefully as it outlines the scope and details of ... Read more


Wall lengths are determined by measuring the corners to the longest dimension each way. Uni-Foundations, Inc. cannot provide wall lengths to fractions of inches. Wall height for billing purposes is determined by the height of the forms set.


The key to a successful foundation experience is a complete and accurate set of drawings for your project. The builder shall provide drawings of work to be performed, including all necessary dimensions and the size and location all openings, pockets, sleeves, ledges, etc. All changes and field determined items must be noted on the drawing and initialed. Uni-Foundations, Inc. cannot be responsible for errors or omissions on the drawings.


All walls and footings are designed to meet or exceed the latest IRC for one and two family dwelling code for unreinforced concrete foundation walls where unstable soil or ground water conditions do not exist in seismic zones 0, 1 or 2. In some areas building officials may require additional work or materials which exceed the statewide building code. These additional items are not included unless specifically noted ... Read more


Our footing crew can form a wide variety of footers. These become the work area for forming the walls. All basements should have footing drains with gravel. Read more

Over-sized footing

An additional charge will be added for footings larger than standard size. Poor soil condition, slope, rock, mud or fill dirt may require extra concrete in footings. This will increase the cost of the footing.

Frost Footings

24” deep x 24” wide concrete allowed. Footings are designed according to the builders' instructions for frost protection after backfill. Uni-Foundations, Inc. cannot be responsible for freezing by lack of backfill.

Wall Finish

Uni-Foundations, Inc. provides formed concrete walls which are left unfinished after removing the forms. Patching by Uni-Foundations, Inc. may be required where concrete does not consolidate properly ... Read more

Wall Forming

Uni-Foundations, Inc. owns with a full range of flat face aluminum forms as well as forms with a brick pattern. Our standard forms are 3 foot, 4 foot, 8 foot, and 9 foot. There is an additional charge for forms with brick pattern.


  • Concrete Mix: 3500 P.S.I.
  • Steel: Horizontal #4 rebar at 2' on center
  • 2' tall wall – 1 pc. Rebar throughout
  •  Read more

Concrete Color

Uni-Foundations, Inc. cannot guarantee the color of walls. Concrete color may vary with each load of concrete. Colored concrete may be used with the additional cost paid by the builder. Concrete residue on the ... Read more

Window and Door Opening

Window and door openings are formed with treated wood. All opening sizes provided by the builder will be considered as wood to wood dimensions unless otherwise noted on the plan.

Advantages of Poured Walls:

The poured walls are stronger than block walls and less subject to bulge or cave-in. They also have flexural strength times that of a block wall, and are poured with steel reinforcements inside. Read more

Anchor Bolts or Straps

7” anchor straps will be placed to meet code requirements. Anchor bolts and other size straps are available at an additional cost to builder. Special spacing of straps is also available at an additional cost to builder.


Uni-Foundations, Inc. cannot guarantee exact dates of starting or finishing jobs. May variables affect our schedule such as weather, personnel, site conditions, etc. It is therefore impossible to guarantee exact dates. Please allow 3-4 weeks for initial scheduling of your project.

Correcting Work

Uni-Foundations, Inc. will correct work at no cost to the builder as necessary to conform to the builders' plan. The builder will be charged for corrections caused by lack of information or incorrect information on plans. The builder is responsible for the inspections of our work and must notify us ... Read more

Access To Site

Access must be provided to and around the foundation at points not more than 2' below the top of the foundational wall. If site access is limited and/or wet conditions exist, either of which may require gravel,... Read more


It is the responsibility of the builder to protect adjacent surfaces, landscaping, etc. from concrete splatter or other damage during the course of constructing walls and footings.


A 3' over dig is required on each side of the wall in order for work to be completed. All prices assume level excavations to soil with adequate bearing capacity, stepped if necessary to meet grade. If excavation is not level the cost of additional supervision and extra concrete required ... Read more

Clean Up

Uni-Foundations, Inc. will remove all lunch trash and small debris created by the crew. Scrap lumber will be placed in the builders designated scrap pile. Concrete and pump trucks will need to wash out on site, which will be left for the builder's disposal at backfill.

CAD Drawing:

Autocrete, by GDB Software, is a specialized CAD program built specifically for foundation contractors. Using this program we redraw the plans provided by the customer. This gives our crews the information they need to pour the basement walls quickly, efficiently and accurately. Every blue print and drawing is reviewed and re-drawn to assure the highest level of accuracy when doing your project.

Robotic Total Station Layout:

Uni-Foundations, Inc. will do the entire layout for the foundation after builders' excavation; however Uni-Foundations, Inc. cannot be responsible for the exact location of the building. If an exact location is required due to setbacks or other considerations, the builder shall provide sufficient reference points within the excavation to locate the building. On lots with little or no tolerance the builder shall also provide points to ... Read more


Foundation Drainage Systems
What you don't know might hurt you…

Out of sight, out of mind – not always true, especially when it comes to your home's basement. But if your home's foundation started with FORM-A-DRAIN, you can put your mind at ease. A quality-built home begins at the very foundation of the structure. The footing goes in before the slab of the foundation, acting as the base for the basement walls. Read more

Retaining Walls & Weir Walls

Contact us for your retaining wall needs. Retaining wall supporting more than 48 inches of unbalanced backfill that do not have permanent lateral support at the top or bottom require a design. If a design is required, we would be glad to give you to estimate once you have an approved set of plans.


We have the TB 80 telebelt which reaches 80 feet to place concrete, rock, and dirt. Just another one of the ways Uni-Foundations, Inc. is able to provide value for all your concrete foundation needs. Our telebelt is great for use on our jobsite to be able to access those hard to reach areas. The telelbelt is also available for rental to place many of your material needs. Concrete, stone, gravel and many other things. Contact us now for rental prices.
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Water & Damp Proofing

Uni-Foundations is a certified applicator of the Dry Dog products.
If you would like a high quality product in which you would receive a warranty on your basement, we apply three different waterproofing systems. The BD1000 has a 10 year warranty, the BD2000 has a 20 year warranty, and the BD2500 has a lifetime warranty on the foundation. The systems we apply can be seen at Dry Dog Barriers website.
We also apply a dampproofing product for which there is no warranty.
If you have any questions, please contact Dirk Detweiler.

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