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Blown Cellulose Insulation

Blown cellulose is sprayed into a wall, where it conforms to the cavities and surrounding wiring and other obstacles to create a tight, monolithic thermal barrier. Fiberglass batts, on the other hand, must be cut and pieced together leaving gaps, voids, and areas of compression.

Comfort You Can Feel...

Blown Cellulose insulation's high density, interlaced natural fibers result in effective R-value. Engineers have found that cellulose insulation reduced air infiltration by 38% versus fiberglass, and the cellulose structure needed 26% less energy to heat. In addition in an overnight heat loss test , with 9 hours without heat, the cellulose structure was 7 degrees warmer than its fiberglass counterpart.

Comfort You can Hear...

Your home should be a place that is serene and relaxing. Making your home quiet is the way to receive that serenity. You do not need to be out in the middle of the mountains to receive that quietness either. Insulating your home with cellulose insulation will dramatically cut down on exterior noise making it into your home. This is accomplished by using cellulose to in the walls. Cellulose ... Read more

Comfort you can enjoy...

Everyone enjoys a little extra money in their pocket. A plus would like to give that to you. Cellulose insulation will provide that extra cash in you pocket year after year. You may think that this has to cost more than fiberglass insulation how am I going to be putting more cash in my pocket? Cellulose may cost a little more up front, but that will quickly be regained in the cost of your ... Read more

Cellulose insulation is “green”

You may ask, “is cellulose insulation safe for the environment?”, the answer is most definitely yes. Cellulose insulation is made up of 80% - 85% of recycled newsprint. That in it self makes cellulose insulation a benefit to the environment. Not only is it made of recycled news it is making headlines by only using one fifth the energy that its fiberglass counterpart, and puts off virtually no ... Read more

R Foam Insulation

Applegate® R Foam is your solution to re-insulating walls which have existing low performing insulation. Up until now, existing residential walls with batt insulation have been the nemesis of insulation installers trying to upgrade a homes energy performance. Now, with R Foam these walls can be efficiently re-insulated. This is due to R Foam's shaving cream like properties which allow it to compress and flow around existing batts and obstructions, filling the wall with a high R-Value insulation which can reduce air infiltration.

R Foam does what few insulations can -Effectively re-insulate a wall which has existing insulation! R Foam is effective year round and its performance will not degrade over the lifespan of the home.R Foam is safe to use and install in interior and exterior walls. Being made from organic nitrogen-based polymers it is biodegradable; and does not contain petrochemicals like spray foams.

C Foam Insulation

Applegate® C Foam Insulation is your cost effective answer for insulating Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) walls. C Foam allows buildings to be completed faster than competitors by using high speed installation technology and by reducing problems on the job site compared to expanding foams. C Foam being a “dry” pre-expanded insulation, allows CMU finishing work such as painting to be done earlier, saving time and money. Consequently C Foam is the smart choice for buildings which need to be insulated quickly and efficiently.
C Foam utilizes a 2-part system which combines a unique spray-dried polymeric resin with a foaming catalyst. These are mixed on site to produce a consistent, high quality pre-expanded insulation which does not damage or stain CMU walls. C Foam is installed into CMU walls using compressed air to ensure that the insulation flows completely throughout the wall unit, filling all voids and hard-to-reach spaces resulting in a building which is energy efficient, quiet and effectively sealed.


Loose-Fill Blown Fiberglass

In its loose-fill form, fiberglass is made from glass that is blown or spun into fibers. It is installed using a blowing machine. Loose-fill fiberglass is suitable for attics and wall cavities and can combat common insulation enemies like mildew, fungus, and moisture.

Fiberglass batts

High-density fiberglass batts for a 2 × 4 inch (51 × 102 millimeter [mm]) stud-framed wall has an R-15 value, compared to R-11 for "low density" types. A medium-density batt offers R-13 for the same space. High-density batts for a 2 × 6 inch (51 × 152 mm) frame wall offer R-21. High-density batts for an 8.5 inch (216 mm) spaces offer about an R-30 value. R-38 for 12 inch (304 mm) spaces is also available.


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